League of Legends Champions With Unique Mechanics Will “Break the Game”

It is pretty apparent that Riot Games is always striving to push boundaries when it comes to designing new League of Legends champions. However, we have never really seen the developer come up with a bizarre mechanic that is unique to the game.

Looking back at most of the recent releases, there is a pattern on which League of Legends champions are being designed. They mostly revolve around the same gameplay mechanics that are only slightly adjusted to feel different.

According to design director Riot Ghostcrawler, the move is intentional because jumping too far off will not be appropriate for League of Legends.

“We’re really talking about breaking the design,” he wrote on his personal blog in response to the question. “If we wanted to a really crazy champion, I’m confident our engineers could get it working from a technical implementation side of things. But we don’t really want a truly crazy champion.”

A fan highlighted that in other games, the developers are always trying to come up with unique mechanics. Heroes of the Storm, for example, has characters like Cho’Gall that can be controlled by two players. There is also Ragnaros, who can take over structures to become a massive raid boss.

Without commenting on Blizzard’s design philosophy because of being unfamiliar with their games, he noted that if it was really about introducing unique mechanics, the engineers at Riot Games would probably help out for such League of Legends champions.

He further added that League of Legends is a game that allows players to show off their skills over time. It is a “sacred part of the game” that deals with whether players can successfully land skill shots, not being able to control the same character.

Riot Games recently revealed Rakan and Xayah, a duo that will arrive for the game simulataneously. When played together, they offer unique buffs and advantages to each other.