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Fight Under the Moon in Battlefield 1’s New Nivelle Nights Map

Nivelle Nights is a brand new multiplayer map that will release for Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owners this summer for absolutely no charge.

It is set in the French town of Chemin des Dames in 1917 and where players will be pitted against each other in the muddy trenches near the destroyed battlements and villages of Malmaison and Soupir.

As the name implies, Nivelle Nights is a new addition to the game that takes place at night.

“The moon, the searchlights, and the artillery lights up the night skies, exposing the vast network of trenches,” reads the announcement. “Bite and hold as your foe will fight for every inch of ground. Strategy and teamwork will overcome those who have neither.”

Note that Nivelle Nights will not be part of the upcoming expansion pack, In the Name of the Tsar. Instead, it will get a standalone release which is scheduled for June for owners of the game’s Premium Pass.

DICE has not confirmed whether the freebie will also be made available for the rest of the community. In the case of Giant’s Shadow, the free map was initially released for Premium Pass owners but then arrived for the rest a week later.

According to the developer, Nivelle Nights should arrive on the Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment (CTE) with the next update, which should be soon. Those enrolled can get to experience the map earlier than others and be prepared in advance when it officially arrives for the masses.

Last week, DICE revealed that the next expansion pack will introduce the Russian army in Battlefield 1. As always, there will be new weapons and multiplayer maps for everyone to enjoy.

Battlefield 1 is awaiting its Spring Update, which should arrive in the coming weeks. One upcoming feature is Platoons, allowing players to create, join, and manage clans in the game.