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With Project Scorpio, Xbox Could Outsell PS4 In 2017, 4K Is The Future According To Analysts

There are plenty of speculations around Project Scorpio and it seems that analysts are pretty sure that Xbox could outsell PS4 in 2017 with the help of Project Scorpio. Analysts are also confident that more people will be moving to 4K displays this year.

There are two different thoughts when it comes to Project Scorpio, while some think it will be great there are those that think that Microsoft is headed down the hardware road when it should be concentrating on making good games.

Microsoft Concentrating On Making Hardware Instead Of Games?

There are those who think that people will not be attracted towards the new console unless there are games that will make people switch. Analysts claim that people that will be interested in the upcoming console are Xbox fans which are already playing on the Xbox One. That will have little impact if any at all.

DFC Intelligence head David Cole:

Microsoft once was going to go after a broad consumer base but now they are stuck targeting the bleeding edge of game consumers that want the highest performing hardware and are more concerned with specs than actual games

Project Scorpio

Microsoft will need to convert non-xbox gamers in order to make Scorpio into the console that we hope it will be. A thing of the future which is one big step towards mainstream 4K gaming. Cole also went ahead to say:

In DFC’s latest report on upcoming games we noted that more and more developers are opting not to release Xbox One versions of their games this season. Project Scorpio does not give them reason to change that because it is really targeted towards core Xbox fans that are already converted. For Scorpio to succeed Microsoft somehow needs to convince non-Xbox owners to convert

4K Is The Future

People are moving to 4K displays but the shift is slow, 4K TVs are still pretty expensive and even though they are not as expensive as they once were, not everyone can get one. Here is what IDC research manager Lewis Ward has to say about that:

We estimate there’s around 100 million UHD-ready TVs in people’s homes at this point worldwide but this figure should roughly double by the end of 2018. The 4K TV wave is coming, but it’s a slow roll. This is more about future-proofing Xbox One against this inexorable flood, but don’t forget that AR/VR experiences will be layered into the mix as well. I think some Xbox fans will buy it not because they can run UHD videos at 60 frames a second but because Microsoft and its partners come out with some compelling VR and AR games and related interactive experiences.

Project Scorpio

Besides the obvious, a lot depends on Project Scorpio and its AR and VR capabilities. Microsoft did talk about VR headsets coming out sometime but we have yet to see them. Sony does have the headstart here and there are many more PS4 units in households as compared to Xbox, but that does not mean that Xbox Project Scorpio will not have an impact.

Success lies in layering in great new AR/VR experiences while maintaining more or less perfect backwards compatibility with all other aspects of the Xbox entertainment universe. Gamers that do not upgrade to Scorpio until version two comes out in 2019 or whatever should face no competitive disadvantage while playing standard HDTV games with Scorpio owners or there will be a revolt that makes the initial Xbox One unveiling backlash look like a mild temper tantrum.

Project Scorpio Pricing

Project Scorpio

Pricing is also an important part of the equation. How much are people willing to pay for an out of the Box 4K gaming experience. We also need to keep in mind that this is, in fact, a console so the price needs to be lower than a 4K capable gaming PC as well.  According to Wedbush Securities’ Michael Pachter:

“The price will matter, and if it is over $400, it might be a tough comparison to the PS4 Pro. If it is $400 or less, they should start to gain some share… 4K TV owners who are gamers will gravitate to a 4K console. That will become a more meaningful niche this holiday, as 4K TVs are pretty consistently priced under $1000.”

Seeing how Project Scorpio is coming out close to the end of the year, it will need to sell like hot cakes in order to make it big.

Let us know what you think about Project Scorpio.