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Mass Effect Andromeda Anti-Piracy Measures Blocking Animation Fix Update for Pirates

Piracy has been a plague for decades, that is why BioWare have vowed to eliminate them by taking anti-piracy measures ensuring that players buy a legit copy of Mass Effect Andromeda, a game they have worked so hard to create and patch.

If players refuse to buy legit copies, they will be unable to install the animation patch and other fixes leaving them with a broken game with so many glitches, that it is almost impossible to make any real progress.

Mass Effect Andromeda had numerous glitches during its initial launch due to which it was subjected to very critical reviews. But thanks to BioWare weekly updates it has gotten a lot better if not perfect.

But such is not the case for players that have an illegal copy of Mass Effect Andromeda, pirated version will not be able to install updates to the game and allow players to progress any further.

BioWare turned these glitches into a weapon against piracy.

This anti-piracy arsenal includes glitches like falling out of the floor, wonky running animation, NPCs walking through the players like ghosts and bizarre AI routines just to name a few.

So to put it simply players with such kind of copies will be stuck with a broken game. Which is definitely not worth it, so just buy a legit copy?

As we all know free is better but in this case, it is worse far worse. Without the updates, Mass Effect Andromeda is well placed in the horror genre with NPCs spinning their necks 360 degrees.

Developers implementing these anti-piracy measures in order to ensure their game is successful in the market and we agree with them.

Developers work so hard to create a game with so much detail and bear so many expenses. But these Pirated versions ruin all their hard work and in some cases deal a great amount of damage to the company resulting in people losing their jobs.

We recommend that players only buy legit copies of the game and refrain from such pirated version in order to give the developers their due share. Also, BioWare should be appreciated for turning their greatest weakness into a strength.