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Hitman Latest Contract Of April 2017 Is To Eliminate Paparazzo

Only a few days remain to complete the Paparazzo mission in Hitman, the Paparazzo is a journalist Keiran Hudson presently located in Paris. He is responsible for causing some problems to a client that now wants him eliminated.

This mission is part of Hitman limited time events and will disappear after a fixed time. Also, there are some conditions that apply to these events that make them even more challenging for players.

  • This Elusive target will appear only once.
  • This is a limited time event.
  • Intel on the target is also very limited.
  • Target’s location will not be revealed to you on the mini map.
  • Players will have to plan accordingly before they can engage the target.
  • If the player dies during a mission that is it.
  • There are no second chances, if you fail then it is over.

All these applied conditions will allow players to act like a real Hitman, these perfectly display the game’s potential and bring the experience close enough to the real thing.

Here is a picture of your next target.

In the life of a Hitman, there are no second chances. Players have to plan a strategy and move accordingly if the player waits too long the target will disappear, If the player messes up or dies he will not get another go at the mission, not in this lifetime.

So make sure you kill your target within the time limit to earn a Tuxedo with gloves for Agent 47.Completing this mission with Silent Assassin rating will also count in your progress in order to unlock the Winter Suit.

This Limited time events started on April 7th and are going to end on April 18. So make sure that you complete your contract and keep all the guidelines that are provided to you in mind. Good Luck! Agent 47.