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What Does Turn10 Have To Say About Forza 6 Apex Running On Project Scorpio?

Microsoft recently revealed the specs of Project Scorpio, the upcoming console from Microsoft that is the most powerful console ever made.

In the reveal, we saw a screenshot of the console running Forza 6 and we were told that the game had been ported from PC and even though it was running on very high settings the GPU still had the power to spare.

What this means is that there is still room for the GPU to push out a bit more. This is what Turn 10’s Software Architect Chris Tector had to say:

 The crazy story here is that we’ve gone over our PC ultra settings and for everything that’s GPU-related, we’ve been able to max it – and that’s what we’re running at, 88 per cent. This is rendering the player LOD for every car, so you won’t see a single LOD pop. [It’s the] top-level model you’d see in race, one below what you see in Autovista, the model you usually only see for the player. And then we balance out LODs across the scene. It’s a disgusting abuse of GPU power is what it is, right?

It turns out that Microsoft has delivered on its promise and it seems that Project Scorpio is very powerful indeed. This means that we can expect some great quality gaming in the upcoming days ahead.

It’s horrible but we can do it and we still have the power left over. The awesome part about the whole story [is] that we can spend all this time heading into the future. Instead of saying how are we going to wrestle to get the performance on this, we’re actually saying we can make this quality trade-off or this quality trade-off and spend that time iterating heading towards much better image quality – so instead of stressing about getting to a final resolution for titles or a final frame-rate, we can really drive it all into quality.

Let us know what you think about the upcoming Project Scorpio console and whether or not you are going to be playing Forza.