Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition Collectibles Guide – Where to Find All Electro Flies And Newsbots

Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition Collectibles guide will help players in tracking down all the collectibles in the game, available in the form of Electro Flies and Newsbots, for collection.

The adrenaline pumping over the top FPS Bulletstorm is back, after getting the remaster treatment, in the form of Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition.

To ensure a break from all the shooting and kicking, Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition is filled with numerous collectibles which the players can find and collect for trophies and achievements.

Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition Collectibles Guide

As mentioned earlier, there are two types of collectibles in Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition: Electro Flies in the form of swarms and Newsbots. The flies are swarms of glowing blue lights and can be quite tricky to spot against the environment.

To pick up these collectibles, players need to shoot or kick them, of course, kicking is not possible in the case of flies. For every pickup, players will also earn a small amount of XP besides counting towards collectible progression.

Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition Collectibles

Below is a list of all the collectibles in the game, sorted by the mission in which they are available so players can find them easily.

Act 2 – Chapter 1

Electro Fly #1
In the mansion courtyard, players can see them on the left as hop over the root near the drop kit.

Newsbot #1
This one is moving around the canal.

Electro Fly #2
This swarm is located to the left over a cliff as players move past the automated disco dance hall.

Newsbot #2in a room around the courtyard where enemies suicide-rush the players.

Electro Fly #3
Inside the villa, players will see a stairwell with electricity wires hanging above it. Going down the stairs and out into the courtyard will lead to the swarm on the left.

Newsbot #3
After the QTE climbing sequence, the bot can be found on the boardwalk near the raised bridge.

Electro Fly #4
In the same area as the previous bot, to the left of the drop kit.

Electro Fly #5
Right of the neon sign before entering the Monster Dome.

Act 2 – Chapter 2

Newsbot #4
Leave the cage storage and enter the lobby to find the bot near the door which needs to be kicked open for Employee’s Only area.

Act 3 – Chapter 1

Electro Fly #6
After exiting the cave, look to the right of the drop kit towards the cracked dam in the distance.

Newsbot #5
Near the ledge of the seating area after completing the sniper sequence.

Newsbot #6
After the bridge is repaired, use the leash to cross to a new area to find a drop kit and a narrow path which leads to the bot.

Electro Fly #7
Harbor area, kill enemies until an exit door opens on the far end where the swam will be on the last dock.

Electro Fly #8
Just outside the very first waterfall players encounter.

Newsbot #7
Around the same room with a view of the waterfall after leaving the hologram hallway.

Act 3 – Chapter 2

Electro Fly #9
After the first ambush, use the switch to lower the bridge and then check the right side of the bridge.

Newsbot #8
After meeting with Trishka, go upstairs and go through an open doorway to the balcony.

Newsbot #9
Go down the exterior bridge plaza, newsbot is in the area before the wheels.

Electro Fly #10
Past the burning debris, to the left of the structure with the giant wheel. Players will need to dive down into a hole to reach the swarm.

Newsbot #10
After the elevator, a fallen newsbot will be located on the ground in a corner.

Act 4 – Chapter 1

Newsbot #11
Inside the ruined strcture, pull down the fan to find the newsbot on the left.

Electro Fly #11
Swarm is under a ruining awning entrance if you look immediately to the left after reaching street level.

Newsbot #12
Inside a medical tent next to the drop kit, after clearing the road block.

Act 4 – Chapter 2

Electro Fly #12
After Ishi and Gray are separated, continue through the exterior with the massive columns, the swarm will be on the right side before going down the steps.

Electro Fly #13
Continue down the garden to find the swarm to the left of the drop kit

Newsbot #13
In the area where players first encounter Venus Flytraps, located in the left corner.

Newsbot #14
Near the drop kit in the area where players can kick enemies into the cacti.

Newsbot #15
After the mini-boss fight where the plant destroys a helicopter, once the boss is dead, go up the stairs to the crash site to find the bot.

Electro Fly #14
After reaching the encounter with explosives, shooting the explosives will destroy the swarm as well.

Electro Fly #15
Inside the greenhouse, a dead end to the right leads to the swarm.

Act 4 – Chapter 3

Electro Fly #16
Right side of the Cliffside Hotel sign after entering the hotel exterior.

Newsbot #16
Inside the hotel, before sliding down, look to the left to find the bot through an open door.

Newsbot #17
Continue until reaching some red doors which lead to the newsbot.

Act 5 – Chapter 1

Newsbot #18
Bot will be in the underground car park.

Newsbot #19
At the monorail station, run to the front of the train and look left where the bot will be in an unreachable area across the tracks.

Electro Fly #17
The swarm will be in the same unreachable area as the previous bot.

Act 5 – Chapter 2

Newsbot #20
After fighting the new enemy type, bot will be located next to the drop kit.

Electro Fly #18
After finding the bot, hop over the counter to the right, kick down the door to reach a room with the swarm inside it.

Act 5 – Chapter 3

Newsbot #21
After returning to the surface from the underground, newsbot is in a small seating area.

Newsbot #22
After the mini-boss fight, a small building with closed shutter doors leads to the bot, left of the switch.

Act 6 – Chapter 1

Newsbot #23
In the interior hallways, bot is in one of the corner seating areas while moving down the stairs.

Newsbot #24
In the center of the dining hall once players go downstairs.

Act 6 – Chapter 2

Newsbot #25
Continue past the enemies in the explosive barrel hallway to enter a room with the bot on a walkway to the left.

Electro Fly #19
Upon reaching the chamber filled with contaminated water, turn around and shoot the swarm inside the vat.

Act 7 – Chapter 1

Newsbot #26
Inside the Deep Space Café before kicking open the glass doors.

Electo Fly#20
After leaving the café, look to the right to spot the swarm.

Newsbot #27
After the team splits up, players will reach a circular blue sign and two open doors on the left. Newsbot is inside the second door.

Electro Fly #21
After defeating the mini-boss, enter the cargo hold, crawl through the vent and then turn left.

Act 7 – Chapter 2

Newsbot #28
While running through the destroyed building, look for a doorway on the right where the newsbot will be located.

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