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Xbox Scorpio Sales May Surge Ahead Of Playstation 4’s In US

According to the industry tracking firm NPD Group, Xbox Scorpio sales may allow the Xbox to surge ahead of the Playstation 4 in regards to sales in the United States.

This is especially interesting because Microsoft is targeting what might be seen as a niche audience with the Xbox One Scorpio.

While many gamers often like to clamor for better resolution, there are very few gamers that really care to the point where they’re able to spend 400 or 500 dollars on an entirely new console, unless they actually have a reason to.

Among other factors that could affect both Xbox Scorpio sales and Playstation 4 Pro sales are the possibility of what games will be compatible with the two consoles, and what would look best on them. Phil Spencer, for instance, has previously said that they will have a number of games available for the Scorpio on launch.

While many to mock the Xbox One as more of a multimedia platform than a gaming system, the Xbox One Scorpio might throw off that label. However, it does all depend on if there’s content for it to begin with.

If Xbox Scorpio sales really do end up pushing Xbox sales ahead of Playstation’s in America, it would be a return to a trend that was seen in the last few months of 2016, where the Xbox One pulled ahead of the Playstation 4 in sales for several months in a row.

The Xbox One Scorpio doesn’t have a specific release date, being only slated for Holiday 2017. However, if the console manages to impress when it’s actually revealed in the future, Xbox Scorpio sales may be just as much of a success as the Playstation 4 Pro or the Xbox One S.

That, coupled with a number of good games being prepared to go on the Scorpio (such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt) will hopefully make the console a success.