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World of Warcraft And Final Fantasy, Epic Twitter Battle Is Hilarious

Fans have been seen battling it out on social media often over their favorite game, but what happens when games themselves enter into battle, such hilarious battle occurred between World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy.

This all started when a twitter user S1N3N, was struggling with the decision of picking a game from World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy.

World of Warcraft was quick to respond to the user with a hillarious answer.

But things got very shocking when Final Fantasy decided to enter into battle with an equally hilarious answer.

The battle escalated from there, with Gul’dan correcting FFXIX definition of meteor and FFXIX in turn raising the stakes by blowing up an entire moon harbouring the elder primal Bahamut.

This battle was a true epic, even another franchise Overwatch joined in, but decided to sit back and relax by not picking either side.

NCSoft also jumped in to show their*assets* from the official Blades and Soul.

Such a hilarious battle took place between World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy, it was trully a chilling sight and one that is not to be missed.

This has changed my view on franchises lacking a scense of humour, i have never seem such an epic battle. This is something you tell tales to your children about.

Amids this battle poor S1N3N still could not decide on which side to choose, but no one could blame him. If they had replied to me in such a way, I would have bought every single title in their franchise.

Probably, S1N3N would be thinking the same. I mean the guy just cause World of Warcraft and FinalFantasy to go to war. You just can not ignore such an event as long as you live.

This is how guys fight over a girl. *Absoulutly Hilarious*