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Tekken 7 ESRB Rating Mentions “Deep Cleavage” and Pizza Laced With Laxatives

Tekken 7 was just classified by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) and the official summary of the rating is pretty humorous to read.

According to the description, the new installment in the iconic fighting series will feature several scantily clad female characters that reveal “deep cleavage.” Bandai Namco went to a lot of trouble for its character models. Hence, the developer has ensured that players will come around to respect its hard work by having the camera zoom in occasionally on their chests.

There is a certain scene during the campaign where a male character will be peeking at a women while she showers. Though, it is confirmed that no nudity is depicted. In addition, another scene will have a male character fall face first into a woman’s chest, where the camera will once again zoom in for a better look.

Elsewhere, the ESRB rating summary reveals a cut-scene that involves a pizza that has been laced with laxatives. There are “gurgling noises, and flatulence as two characters scramble to reach a bathroom” before it is too late.

However, the content of Tekken 7 will not be restricted to such goofy elements. There is a lot of violence involved, with cut-scenes that have characters throwing others off cliffs and into lava pools, and the shooting off limbs.

Tekken 7 has been rated T (Teen) and will be suitable for ages 13 and older.

Speaking of violence, we shared a video recently that features Akuma bouncing back to string a long series of combo attacks. The raging demon took down his opponent in one mega swing, dishing nearly 100 percent of damage and draining the enemy health bar all the way.

Tekken 7 is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on June 2. Pre-ordering the digital version nets you an exclusive Tekken 7 theme alongside Eliza, the immortal blood-sucking vampire.