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Overwatch Rewards Could Arrive for PTR to Encourage More Users

Blizzard is considering to introduce different Overwatch rewards in order to encourage more users to spend time on the Public Test Region (PTR).

Despite boasting an active player-base in the millions, the developer is finding it hard to convince them otherwise. A well-populated PTR means more feedback for Blizzard on upcoming changes and features, which ultimately leads to better content that everyone agrees on.

Without any added incentive, majority of players see no reason to sacrifice their busy schedule and step away from climbing the ranked ladders on the actual live servers.

For a while now, Blizzard has been juggling various forms of Overwatch rewards to increase the PTR player-base. Currently, it is considering to either give away Loot Boxes or experience points that can be transferred over.

“I would like to reward people for playing on the PTR more than I would like to incentivize people to play on the PTR,” explained game director Kaplan to PCGamesN in a recent interview. “We’ve always wanted to figure out ‘how can we transfer experience over?’ because we know people are missing out on leveling up and missing loot boxes and that sort of thing. I would like to figure that out someday.”

The low population on PTR brings up another issue. Those who are providing feedback may be missing actual context. For example, Blizzard recently released a major rework for Bastion. While the changes arrived on PTR beforehand, the feedback provided was also by players who don’t really main the hero. Hence, it makes it even more difficult for the developer to act on suggestions.

“Everyone is screaming at us all the time pretty much,” shared Kaplan with a laugh, pointing out that in most cases both calls for buffs and nerfs have to be taken with a grain of salt.

Blizzard is yet to finalize what kind of Overwatch rewards it intends to announce. Until then, it must take a step back from community feedback and focus primarily on stability.

Recently, Kaplan stated that Overwatch might eventually be brought over to Project Scorpio with better performance metrics. The game already supports 4K resolution on PC. The upcoming upgrade variant from Microsoft may allow Blizzard to add support for the high resolution on Xbox One as well.