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Niantic Says Over 65 Million People Play Pokemon GO Every Month

Despite some problems at launch, Pokemon GO managed to reach the top of mobile app stores sparking a worldwide phenomenon. Despite that, the hype had mostly died down as Pokemon GO approached its 1 year anniversary, but it seemed to be doing rather well since every day 65 million people log on to it, according to Niantic.

The estimated numbers were released by Niantic while thanking the community for their dedication and support.

It seems like the recent successful events have brought a large number of players to Pokemon GO. Well, the events were quite interesting since they provided the players to catch rare Pokemon and increased the number of spawn for each type of Pokemon during these events.

Niantic stated that their journey has only begun and the players can expect some new experiences in the future.

We continue to be inspired by the passion of the 65+ million people from around the world playing Pokémon GO each month. We’re still at the beginning of the journey and there’s a lot more to come. With spring arriving in the northern hemisphere, players can look forward to all-new cooperative social gameplay experiences in Pokémon GO that will give Trainers new and exciting reasons to get back into the sunshine.

Well, we can not say much about the cooperative social gameplay, but one thing is certain that spring will bring some new events, and from what we have seen in the past, these events are going to be very exciting.

Maybe they have finally decided to give us a chance to catch a legendary Pokemon, I have really been waiting to catch Entei but one might need a master ball for that I think.

Let me not get your hopes up, because of my childhood dream. From the look of how things are going, catching a legendary Pokemon is thinking too far ahead.