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League of Legends Support Position Being Renamed

Earlier this week, a random survey revealed that Riot Games is interested in renaming the League of Legends Support position to “Catalyst.”

Such surveys are not entirely confirmation of upcoming features and changes. Rather it is just the developer throwing ideas around and getting feedback from the player-base on whether they are equally interested.

Posting on the official forums, lead gameplay designer Riot Meddler confirmed that there are no immediate plans to rename the League of Legends Support position. Currently, the developer is only focused on improving and adjusting the gameplay for the role with upcoming updates. However, once that goal is met, Riot Games will rename the position with something more appealing than Support.

“Something that still recognizes how important team interaction is, but that also doesn’t imply a secondary, less empowered role,” he explained on what the new name should represent. “We’d then be interested in changing the icon from something so ward like at the same time.”

Based on recent surveys, Riot Games is yet to find a new name for the support position that it and the community likes. Catalyst was only one of several possibilities. Other options were terms like Multiplier, Flex, and Specialist. However, none of them have received a positive response so far.

“Even if we found a good replacement name players liked we’d also want to address gameplay issues first – renaming without doing so otherwise feels pretty empty/pointless,” pointed out the developer.

The renaming of the League of Legends Support position follows an announcement from last year when Riot Games revealed that it needs to make the role more attractive. Players tend to see supporting as a mediocre and inferior position. The developer hopes to change that by perhaps increasing the gold income and granting more on-screen recognition for their efforts.

For now, Riot Games is looking at the upcoming mid-season update which majorly affects tanks in League of Legends. The support update should follow after that.