Gamestop Credit Card Breach Issue is Under Investigation, Nothing Confirmed Yet

A while ago, a Gamestop credit card breach took place, though Gamestop hasn’t yet revealed the date. They have, however, announced that they will be investigating the breach with information given to them by a third party.

It seems that the only victims of the breach are those that bought Gamestop products online.

In the meantime, while they fix it, Gamestop recommends that players that have had cards compromised call their bank and lock the card so that if your card has been stolen, the people who stole the information won’t be able to do anything.

With all of the ways that hackers and thieves can get information on cards and bank accounts, the response towards the Gamestop credit card breach has thankfully been fairly fast, at least now that they know that it’s happened.

In the meantime, card owners will have to keep an eye on their cards if they’ve recently bought anything off of the online GameStop store.

If it turns out that whoever is responsible for the credit card breach has used your card to make fraudulent purchases, hopefully by this point you’ll have figured it out and would have stopped anyone that stole your card from buying anything else with it.

Normally, most card companies will allow you to get a refund if you report it in a timely manner.

GameStop’s KrebsOnSecurity will be responsible for investigating the Gamestop credit card breach for however long it takes for the investigation to come to a close.

In the meantime, if you’re a frequent customer of GameStop, you might want to buy your games from a physical location of theirs, or from another online retailer.

Hopefully this whole experience will also make GameStop increase the security of its online store so that this can’t happen again to customers. On the other hand, it may only make the chain bleed more stores, since Gamestop is already shutting down 150 different locations.