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Xbox One Scorpio DirectX 12 Enhancements Will Help The Console

With more information coming out about Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One Scorpio every day, Microsoft’s Andrew Goossen sat down with Eurogamer to talk about the Xbox One Scorpio DirectX 12 enhancements that will help the console look better. These will also help the console in other ways due to its unique hardware.

The Xbox One Scorpio is being touted by Microsoft and others to be the most powerful console ever, and so far it seems like that’s holding up, if all of the news is to be believed.

The Xbox One Scorpio DirectX 12 enhancements are only the latest tidbit of information.

According to Goossen, Microsoft moved Direct3D 12 (the graphical component of DirectX) into the command processor of the console’s GPU. This means that all of the stuff that requires DirectX to run will be able to do so more efficiently between the game and the GPU itself.

The Scorpio will also severely cut down on load times due to the console’s CPU boost, along with two other methods.

These are improving the hard disk speed, and also putting the game into a file system cache so that the game doesn’t have to load entirely new data when you reload a certain game.

It seems like Microsoft has really thought things out, ranging from the Xbox One Scorpio DirectX 12 enhancements, to all of the other improvements they’ve made.

While the console is going to likely be more expensive than a regular Xbox One, it seems like Microsoft is making sure that the increased price is worth it.

Whether the Scorpio will experience the same problems as the Playstation 4 Pro, Sony’s own console that wants to run games at 4K, however, is another matter. All of the hardware is well and good, but if the Scorpio can’t run games even better than the Xbox One or the Xbox One S can, the console likely won’t do well.