Star Citizen Went Past $146 Million in Crowdfunding, Check Out the New Trailer

Star Citizen is a crowd-funded PC game that has been in development for a long time. To update us on the development side of things, devs have released a new video to show players how things are coming along.

The video begins with a senior leader of the development team in Austin, Texas, giving a briefing about the games progress and what the teams have been up to, he explained their weekly progress and discussed the plans for the upcoming weeks.

He thanked the community for their support and all the tasty treats they have been sending their way, he said those tasty treats will keep the team’s morale high.

He discussed the games subscription system and the item that will be available for purchase separately and as a bundle. The additional creator Chris Robert and producer Eric Kieron Davis discussed Star Citizen’s planetary outpost system, the whole video goes very deep into the game’s development mechanics.

They showed their motion capture system in making animations for interaction with the useable objects, in order to balance the animation properly. The video is a long one 37 minutes and provides an update on Star citizen maps, ships and much more.

Josh C, the ship designer also talked about the changes they had to make to Cutlass in order to provide separate routes to the pilot and co-pilot, which was complained by many players.

They even added more guns to the ship, that is a good move right! more guns are always appreciated. Since we do not know what threat we might face in our space adventure.

The video shows promising results and watching it makes our expectations a lot higher, fans have done their duty by providing the much-needed funds for the game now it is the studios’ responsibility to deliver the promised game to their fans.

The funding campaign for Star Citizen has surpassed $146 million, and over 1.7 million people have signed up for updates on the progress on the development of the game.

Hopefully, we will get to see the full game soon.