Sea Of Thieves Feedback Video Shows Post-Alpha Changes Coming Soon

Rare has posted a Sea of Thieves feedback video to tell the playerbase of their upcoming sailing game how their thoughts are being used to improve the game.

Sea of Thieves is one of Rare’s first main titles in several years, and they’re committed to making it as good as possible.

Sea of Thieves recently wrapped up its technical alpha, which is the first phase of publicly playable segments of the game’s development.

During that time multiple players sent in their feedback to Rare, and now all of those bits of feedback and the studio’s responses are now a part of the Sea of Thieves feedback video.

Part of these feedback changes include that skeletons, who would be one of the types of enemies in the game, are now being rebalanced. Previously, they were seen by players as being a bit too difficult to deal with, and appearing too frequently for many players’ likings.

So now they’re being toned down, both in difficulty and encounter rate.

Another way that Rare improved Sea of Thieves related to world size, and how often players saw one another.

With Rare expanding the size of the world during the technical alpha, many players posted feedback that consisted of them complaining that they couldn’t really see many players. Rare responded by increasing visual range so that players could see more from their ships.

Other additions included the option to turn off your voice chat and use non-verbal emotes, so that if you didn’t want to listen to other players you didn’t have to but could still communicate with them.

You can see the Sea of Thieves feedback video further up at the top of the article, and be on the lookout for the game when it comes out on the Xbox One and the PC sometime later this year.