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Noah Falstien Left Google But He Is Not Ready To Give Up Making Games

Noah Falstien is a veteran games developer, he recently left his role as chief game designer at Google. He explains his decision based on the frustration of not being able to use his 40 years of experience or to take on the type of projects he believed he had been recruited for.

Falstien joined Google 4 years ago during a favorable time for making games.

seemed an auspicious time to be able to make games at a company known for its world-spanning technology

He further explained that even as the gaming market continues to grow, he was not able to materialize the game he was hired to create, ultimately ending in failure.

Unfortunately, the opportunity to actually build the big, consequential games that I had been hired to help create failed to materialize, even as the world market for games has continued to grow in size, diversity, and geographic reach.

He has now left Google saying that it is a tremendous company, he will miss his colleagues and the excitement of working with the company. He left the company because his experience was going to waste and as a veteran game developer gaming is in his blood.

With 37 years as a professional game developer, making games is in my blood. I’m not ready to give up on it, certainly not when there are exciting new fields just opening up.

Falstien is keen on exploring the opportunities in the field of virtual reality, he explains that the only way he and his colleagues will stay fresh in the industry is by constantly changing and evolving to meet the adaptive environment.

Whether neurogaming, interactive VR films, or some other yet undreamt-of territory will be my next challenge, I’m eager to begin exploring.

Well, I hope leaving Google works well in Falstien’s favor, and he gets an opportunity to make a game that he has always wanted to deliver to his fans.