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Mass Effect Andromeda Animations Are Noticeably Better Post-Patch

A patch that was put out today that was designed to help fix some of the janky Mass Effect Andromeda animations has apparently done its work, as many of the more notable NPCs look much less uncanny now.

The animations were a frequent criticism of the game before and on launch.

For one thing, the eyes look much better on many of the NPCs. The previous variant of eye shader that the game used was responsible for a number of complaints about the characters looking creepy. For instance, Addison, the NPC who serves as the person in charge of the Nexus, looks much hyperactive.

Before the patch Addison (despite her assertions that her “face was tired”) had her eyes near-constantly wide open, which wasn’t helped by her very thick makeup.

With the new shader, the makeup is now not only less noticeable, but Addison actually looks as tired as she says she is, and her eyes are realistically shaded.

Other major characters like party members Peebee and Cora have also felt the effects of the Mass Effect Andromeda animations patch. Basically, it’s amazing what you can do to a character’s face when they’re not only properly shaded but the colors are darker.

Mass Effect Andromeda had gotten a lot of criticism on its release for its odd animations and a number of other glitches that went a good way towards killing a good portion of the game’s hype.

BioWare choosing to not ignore the complaints and instead make efforts to improve the animations will likely go a long way towards helping get some of the game’s love back.

If you want to take a look at how the Mass Effect Andromeda animations have improved with the new patch, you can hop on to the game now and see what the characters look like.