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Konami vs Maradona Feud, Barca Gets Involved

Konami vs Maradona feud takes another turn as the retired Argentinian football superstar sued the company for using his likeness and name in the Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 without his permission.

Diego Maradona was featured in the Legend section of MyClub mode, where some other all-time great footballers from FC Barcelona are also present.

As the club is a premier partner for the Japanese company, they claimed that they had proper rights to put the player on the roster. After this statement, FC Barcelona has become directly involved in this epic Konami vs Maradona feud.

The legendary footballer has also released a statement on the matter saying that Konami will be facing a huge trial and they are going to lose.

Now Konami is publicly saying that Barcelona gave them my image rights!

Now, who in their right mind would believe that the Argentina National Team can be handled by Barcelona? Let alone Konami!
At 56 years old I won’t be conned anymore…

Konami, I tell you: you’re gonna eat up a millionaire trial, and all the money I take from you I’m gonna use it to build football pitches for poor children. And then, on those, they’ll finally be playing a clean game.

It’s now all in the hands of my lawyer Matías Morla.

One thing is for sure that no matter who wins in the Konami vs Maradona feud, there will be laws made for the future in order to avoid this kind of problem. Konami has to be careful in using such images and should have made an effort to at least contact the retired footballer as a sign of respect.

But Konami can not be blamed for such an event, no one could have foreseen this.

If Diego Maradona wins then children will be getting some new football pitches to play on, and if Konami wins then maybe they will build those pitches for the children as well, just to mock Maradona.

Let us hope for the best.