For Honor Update Adds 12 New Emotes and Executions

A new For Honor update arrived earlier today, introducing a dozen new emotes and executions for the community to begin grinding for.

They are equally divided between all the classes, with each getting one new emote and execution. You can get a brief look at the new cosmetic items below to decide which ones in particular to unlock first with your hard-earned money.


Warden: The “Power Surge” emote
Conqueror: The “Skip-It” emote

Peacekeeper: The “The Best” emote
Lawbringer: The “I Did This” emote


Raider: The “Axe Press” emote
Warlord: The “Hula-Hoop” emote

Berserker: The “Show Off” emote
Valkyrie: The “Make Some Noise” emote


Kensei: The “Blessed Glory” emote
Shugoki: The “Heck Yes!” emote

Orochi: The “Drop Katana” emote
Nobushi: The “Power!” emote

As for the new exectuions, the following video comprises each of them. Some are bloodier than normal, others intense, with a few adding more gore for players to enjoy.

The new For Honor update is already live on PC but is awaiting approval to be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Ubisoft is certain that the update should arrive on consoles before the weekend is over.

Patch 1.05.1 brings a long list of changes but most importantly, it finally addresses the overpowered nature of the Peacekeeper class.

Zone Attack

  • Zone Attack first strike is now set up as a light attack to trigger an interrupt reaction on block.
  • Cancelling a blocked Zone attack while in Revenge will now force an exit of 600ms preventing you from attacking again.
  • Zone Attack UI indicator will now correctly start at the beginning of the animation instead of 100ms later.

Sidestep Strike and Riposting Stab

  • Sidestep Strike recovery on Interrupt Block increased to 800ms (from 700ms).
  • Sidestep Strike damage decreased to 15 (from 20).
  • Riposting Stab damage increased to 30 (from 25). Bleed effect remains unchanged.

According to Ubisoft, the class was enjoying a very low risk and high reward Zone Attack even on block. In addition, Revenge made the flurry of attacks nearly unstoppable with the ability to repeat the attack cancel without any penalty to Stamina.

The developer believes that the new balance adjustments will level out the playing field and qualm the community with its continuous requests of nerfs. Most recently, tournament organizers decided to ban the class from upcoming events due to its overwhelming nature. Perhaps the new update will change that decision.