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AMD Ryzen Increased Performance With Power Plans And Optimization For Total War: Warhammer

AMD Ryzen is the new kid (monster of sort) on the block and the initial response from critics was not all that great when it came to gaming. But AMD has promised that the company will be working on making things better and the company is sticking to their word.

Balanced Power Plan For AMD Ryzen

Recently AMD talked about how players can get a significant performance boost by updating the BIOS of their motherboards. Now AMD has introduced some new improvements to the power settings as well. AMD claims that this new power plan will allow users to get slight bumps in performance.

AMD has introduced the AMD Ryzen balanced power plan. This will improve clock speeds and allow users to get more out of their AMD Ryzen CPUs.

You can check out the graph below in order to see the performance gains as compared to the default high performance power plan that is present in Windows.

AMD RyzenAlthough you should not expect ground breaking performance benefits you will be getting a small boost in performance and this is surely a step in the right direction for AMD.

More Optimized Games For AMD Ryzen

We previously saw optimization for Ashes of the Singularity which lead to some performance gains when running the game on the Ryzen platform and now AMD has announced that other titles have also been better optimized for the platform, these titles include:

The following are is are the  benchmarks that might interest you:

AMD Ryzen

Ryzen Master Version 1.0.1 Available April 11th

The Ryzen Master utility tools allows users to monitor different stats as well as control the overclocks on the Ryzen CPUs. AMD has announced that a new version will be coming out on the 11th of April and it will feature the following updates:

  1. Ryzen Master now reports junction temperature, rather than tCTL, by automatically removing the tCTL offset on the AMD Ryzen 1800X, 1700X, and 1600X processors.

  2. The installer no longer enables or requires HPET when Ryzen Master is installed with a system running an AGESA BIOS.

It is great to see that AMD is keeping to its word and improving upon the Ryzen platform. We should be seeing even better updates in the future.

Let us know what you think about AMD Ryzen and whether or not you are thinking about building an all AMD PC this year.