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BioWare Apologizes For Badly-Portrayed Transgender Mass Effect Character

BioWare has apologized for what it saw as a poor portrayal of a transgender Mass Effect character in Mass Effect: Andromeda. The studio will be patching the character’s interactions with Ryder in an upcoming patch for the game. The character’s dialogue will be altered to sound less forced in the future.

BioWare games are often seen nowadays as some of the most inclusive games on the market. Players are able to play their characters how they want with a number of different characters, romancing both genders and partying up with characters of a number of sexual orientations and races.

However, the transgender Mass Effect character, a science officer named Hainly Abrams, seems much more shoehorned in than other characters (where their sexuality doesn’t come up unless you specifically ask them about romantic stuff).

For instance, as soon as she introduces herself to the player character she immediately launches into her backstory without prompting.

Various commentators remarked that it felt shoehorned into the game, especially when it comes to a transgender character in another game. Dragon Age Inquisition had the character Krem, who was a female-to-male transgender person who served as the second-in-command of Iron Bull’s mercenary group.

Notably, Krem did not divulge his backstory unless he was asked, and even then only after Krem feels that he can trust the player character enough following a scene where they can have a drink with the group.

Comparing Krem to Abrams is almost like comparing night and day.

In the revamped encounter, BioWare says Abrams will be better written to be similar to Krem, only willing to divulge her backstory after she feels that she can trust Ryder.

Hopefully with these adjustments to the transgender Mass Effect character, Andromeda can be improved in a minor way alongside the other changes that BioWare is wanting to fix the game.