New Rainbow Six Siege Matchmaking Allows Menu Navigation While Searching

A new and improved Rainbow Six Siege matchmaking system is not the only feature for the community to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Yesterday, the Technical Test Server (TTS) was updated to introduce a number of new features that finally address long-standing requests made by players since the game released over a year ago.

The new Rainbow Six Siege matchmaking system changes how the game assembles players for a match. Rather than building a team player-by-player, it pulls in ten players in one go and splits them between the two teams based on their ratings. Doing so helps curb long queue times, and players may even be matched within just two or three seconds.

Most importantly, the new Rainbow Six Siege matchmaking allows players to navigate the menus while it is searching for a game. Players will finally be able to adjust their loadouts, unlock operators, or simply read on a specific class to confirm attributes before heading in.

Rainbow Six Siege is also overhauling the selection screen of operators for more clarity. A new window groups up multiple operators according to their respective law enforcement agency to confirm how many are still left to be unlocked.

We already talked about upcoming improvements to the hit-boxes of every operator in the game. Today, we finally get to see that in action.

Blitz has finally received a more accurate hit-box that does not enlarge his head to register enemy fire. Previously, a stray bullet that came even remotely close to his earmuffs would still be taken as a head-shot by the game. This has been corrected.

Acting on more feedback, Ubisoft is also adding a “Keep Playing as a Team” button to the post-action report screen at the end of every game. Players who group together no longer need to exit and can simply enter the queue together without creating a new game.