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Project CARS 2 Features Jaguar XJR 9 In Action

Slightly Mad Studios has released a new gameplay video of Project CARS 2 to show off one of its appealing vehicles Jaguar XJR 9.

The Studio has been working hard on this project to keep up with its highly acclaimed racing simulation.

This Jaguar XJR 2 is a prototype being shown on The Long Beach Grand Prix Circuit, this track greatly complements Jaguar’s speed and provides a good look of how the car fares on the track.

The tracks are powered by studio’s Live Track 3.0 technology that allows comprehensive dynamic weather, and surface conditions. Project CARS 2 is able to simulate racing in any weather like heavy snow and winter.

The graphics are pretty decent but there are a few stutters seen in the video. It is still a work in progress so that is to be expected. Aside from the graphics, the sound has improved a bit and the physics looks good.

Project CARS 2 aside from all the new cars and tracks will feature rally cross races and hill climbs. Players can also look forward to co-op career along with the solo career.

There is something about cars and going fast that makes gamers excited, recently racing has expanded out of track and into the city. Not to mention now racing is featured as illegal, and evading police, and smashing their cars earns you reputation points.

Makes you wonder if your ultimate goal is to become a racing champion or a getaway driver. It is about time we take cars back to the tracks and do some legal driving for a change.

These traditional tracks are limited in size and focus on pure speed rather than dirty tactics, to beat your opponents you have to be sharp on those turns.

Project CARS 2 is expected for release in late 2017 for all platforms like Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.