People Can Fly Interview: Bulletstorm 2, Going Independent, PS4 Pro Version, and More

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition developer had a chat with Segmentnext and talked about Bulletstorm 2, being independent, Full Clip Edition, and PlayStation 4 Pro version.

Segmentnext: Bulletstorm was an amazing game, a little niche targeted perhaps, but still, an all round fun game to play back in the day. Why hasn’t there been a sequel so far? Are we even close to seeing one?

Sebastian: A couple of things had to happen prior to a serious discussion about a sequel. Firstly People Can Fly had to become an independent studio again. This happened less than two years ago and our first decision was to bring a Bulletstorm game to new consoles. The second thing that needs to happen – launch of Bulletstorm: Full Clip. It’s coming this Friday. We are super excited about it! Another piece to this puzzle is how well it will go. I have high expectations that Bulletstorm: Full Clip will be successful and a huge milestone on a road to a sequel.

Segmentnext: Tell us a little bit about your new AAA shooter? How is the development going and are you publishing it yourself?

Sebastian: The development is going well. We are wrapping up pre-production and will get into production soon. This is the biggest and the most ambitious project we’ve ever done and I just can’t wait to announce it to gamers around the world.

Segmentnext: Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition – What brought on the idea to bring out a Remastered Version?

Sebastian: This is our IP, we hold it very dear at People Can Fly and wanted to bring it to a new generation of gamers. We also believe that in the current gaming landscape it’s going to be a super refreshing experience, not to mention that this is the game that is just a perfect fit for everybody who loves to share what they achieve through social media channels. And also as stated in the answer to your first question, Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is an important step in deciding the future of the franchise.

Segmentnext: Are you making any special enhancement to Full Clip for PlayStation 4 Pro?

Sebastian: If you are a gamer playing on PlayStation 4 Pro, you will be able to enjoy the game in 4K resolution. Bulletstorm has never looked better!

Segmentnext: It must be exciting being independent now and being able to make your own choices. Tell us, how life has changed for the developers at People Can Fly? More creative freedom? Although exciting but it must be a little intimidating to go out on your own, isn’t it?

Sebastian: It was definitely a bold decision but at the same time we felt we had nothing to lose. We knew that coming back to Bulletstorm or creating another game can happen only when People Can Fly go independent. And whatever happens in the future I can just say – it was worth doing it!

Segmentnext: VR, AR, Mobile? Any plans whatsoever when it comes to entering the virtual reality domain?

Sebastian: We will watch closely where VR and AR are going but we don’t feel we need to be early adopters. We don’t have any immediate plans regarding mobile market.

Segmentnext: Crowdfunding has become very popular for independent studios who like to keep their freedom, People Can Fly seem to have not followed in on the crowdfunding train. Any specifics? Or the underlying projects are far more ambitious for Crowdfunding?

Sebastian: There was a moment when I was contemplating financing Bulletstorm: Full Clip through crowdfunding but at the end we decided to finance it with our own money. We decided, however, to team up with Gearbox Publishing to market and distribute the game since they are a great partner and we are lacking those competencies internally. For the future projects we are open to different financial instruments and vehicles.

Segmentnext: People Can Fly is also working on a smaller new IP, right? Are you ready to share a little bit about that? When can we have a look?

Sebastian: It’s a new IP and it’s huge. It’s the biggest game we’ve ever done. But we cannot share anything else, yet.

Bulletstorm Full Clip is releasing on April 9 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.