Nvidia Announces New Titan GPU, Upgraded Pascal Titan Xp

With the announcement of GTX 1080Ti, it seemed as if once again Nvidia’s Titan GPU would become obsolete since the GTX counterpart was delivering almost equivalent performance at a considerably reduced price.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, Nvidia has now announced yet another Titan GPU, built once again on the Pascal architecture. The new Titan GPU, Titan Xp (as opposed to 2016’s Titan X Pascal) is an upgraded version of the old gpu delivering more performance at the same price tag.

The Titan Xp utilizes GP102 GPU and comes equipped with an upgraded 12GB of 11.4 Gbps GDDR5X memory, 3840 CUDA cores at 1.6GHz and 12 TFLOPs of computing power.

These specifications puts the Titan Xp at a higher core count, core speed, faster memory and more TFLOPs than the original 2016 Titan GPU which was powered by the same Pascal architecture.

The new Titan Xp will be priced once again at $1,200 making it still considerably more expensive than a GTX 1080Ti but with better on-paper performance. How the benchmarks will hold up remains to be seen.

When it comes to looks, the Titan Xp is pretty much retaining everything as it is from the 2016 version of Titan X Pascal.

Nvidia is also fully embracing the Mac community this time by introducing beta Pascal drivers for Titan Xp for Mac users. These new drivers will be available later this month to make sure Mac users can make full use of the additional power of the new GPU.

Given the price tag, while it is unlikely that the Titan Xp will be able to retake its throne from GTX 1080Ti but for the more hardcore enthusiasts, this might be the perfect GPU for 4K 60FPS gaming as well as other rendering uses thanks to increased CUDA core count.

The GPU is available to purchase from Nvidia right now will select system builders and partners will get stock soon according to Nvidia.