League of Legends Mid-Season “Durability” Changes Revealed for Tanks

With the League of Legends mid-season approaching, Riot Games has begun to reveal the direction it is heading to address certain aspects of the game.

Posting on the official forums, champion update designer Riot Repertoir confirmed that every champion that is without any Magic Resistance (MR) gains per level will be given a small amount to help against burst damage. The bonus attributes will mostly go unnoticed but it will help the developer to further tune the gains in the future.

The upcoming League of Legends mid-season update will also change end-game tank items to offer more gold value with improved defensive statistics. The goal is to make sure that players gradually build towards the late-game, rather than experiencing a power-spike in the beginning through a single item but falling flat in the end.

In addition to offering more gold value, Riot Games will also be adjusting items to make them more about their unique effects. For example, Dead Man’s Plate is being considered to lose its bonus damage except at maximum stacks. In return, the item will stack up more quickly and decay slower, which should help the purpose of the item.

Furthermore, the League of Legends mid-season update will add a couple of new defensive items. These will primarily be targeted at champions that want to protect themselves against common threats. One of the upcoming new items will double a champion’s Armor and Magic Resistance values when around enemy champions, making it perhaps a vital item for those who want to remain in the middle of fights.

Lastly, certain items will be adjusted to not have their unique effects conflict with each other. They will be given new build paths and stat lines, a new identity if you will, or simply have their effects swapped with other existing items that Riot Games feels would be more fitting. Guardian Angel, for example, is one of the items that will be “re-imagined” in some way.

The changes should arrive on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) soon. As always, remember that any content there is always subject to change. Values might be altered later on, and some changes might be discarded altogether before the update arrives for everyone else.

Elsewhere, Riot Games recently revealed new changes to ARAM that will make sure that every game finishes sooner. The developer is making Super Minions much stronger, to help teams push the lane and finish up.