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FIFA 17 Coming To EA Origin And EA Access, More Games Coming Soon

EA’s most recent soccer game, FIFA 17, will be coming to EA Access and EA Origin on April 21, on both PC and on the Xbox One.

FIFA won’t be the only game getting that sort of treatment, either, as EA has said that more games will be coming to the programs as well.

Between April and June, Medal Of Honor: Airborne and Dragon Age: Origins will both be coming to the Xbox One’s Access program, while Origin will be getting Pony Island and Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Collection, along with Hacknet and Orwell.

Many of these games are either classics or critically acclaimed titles, and so would be a lot of fun for you to play on either platform.

For instance, if you buy Dragon Age: Origins on EA Access, it will take you through a BioWare classic, where your character, as a Grey Warden, must fight to rescue the land of Thedas from an oncoming invasion of monsters known as a Blight. On PC, if you play Pony Island, you will find yourself going through an odd computer game where nothing is as it seems.

While there’s no telling if FIFA 17 and the other games coming to EA Origin and EA Access will be the only ones released for the time being, it does show that EA is apparently working on putting other games into both programs rather than the latest titles that it’s been publishing.

Previously, another EA sports game, Skate 3, had joined the EA Access library back in February. With people clamoring for a Skate 4, it was a way for EA to at least be able to temporarily satisfy people.

If you’re a member of the EA Access program or use EA Origin, you can pick up both FIFA 17 and the other games anywhere from April to June when they become available.