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Computer Creates Fake Titles For Video Games That Are Absolutely Hilarious

Remember the programs that randomly name things like Pokemon, Autobots etc? Well someone took that concept and applied it to video games, and the result was hilarious. This program also gave them a release date and a publisher.

Let us take these fake titles and put some fake descriptions on these video games.

Metal Cats (PC)(2001, Sega)
A game in which you play as cat robots that shoot laser beams from their eyes and have a tail that is as sharp as a katana. Since it is a cat game the main antagonist has to be a dog.

Pet All (Linux)(1988, Atari)
Where some games let you pet cats, dogs, horses, and dragons etc. This game lets you pet all of the animal kingdoms, now you can have a pet eagle, an elephant or even a crocodile. With such a huge variety to choose from you can create your own zoo and manage all the visitors.

Dance Castle (Atari)(1987, Activision)
Well, what more do you need? you have a castle in which you just dance around as a prince or princess. This game is about arranging Grand Balls in the royal castle and inviting all the elites from other kingdoms.

Adventures of the Rock (PS2)(1987, Coconuts)
Well assuming Rock is your character’s name you can embark on journeys and find stuff that you can use to defeat that typical evil dude.

The Apple of the Conspiracy (MS-DOS)(1997, Microsoft)
Well, this apple is the same one that put snow white to sleep and fell on Isaac Newton’s head. In this game, you uncover the mysteries that surround this mysterious apple throughout history and fantasy.

There are many more of these hilarious video games and making these funny descriptions about them is entertaining in itself.

So what story comes into your mind after hearing these titles? Share some of your stories with us.