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Drawn To Death Day One DLC Includes God of War Skin Pack

Drawn to Death, the latest PS Plus free game for PS4 is now available to download and comes with a pretty neat Day One DLC pack, not free.

As noticed upon the release of the game, the Drawn to Death Day One DLC pack is actually a God of War skin pack. The DLC includes skins for all the six launch characters in the game: Alan, Bronco, Cyborgula, Diabla Tijuana, Johnny Savage and Ninjaw.

The God of War skin pack is available from the PSN store at a price of $9.99 while the game itself is free for PS4 users with an active PS Plus membership.

Those who don’t have PS Plus can purchase the game for $20 but an active PS Plus subscription will still be required to play the game since it is a multiplayer title.

Alongside this DLC, Drawn to Death has another special limited time bundle available for $4.99 which includes the six God of War skins and three Mystery Boxes. Surprising considering this bundle has more value than the $10 one but it is half the price.

The limited time bundle offer expires on 2nd May so if anyone is interested in playing the game and the skins in question, this would be the perfect bundle to start their journey as it offers $15 worth of content for just $5.

The Mystery Boxes in the game act as loot boxes for games like Overwatch. Players can purchase these boxes from the store for cosmetic items to alter the looks and attitude of their characters while any duplicate ends up giving players coins as compensation.

Alternatively, players can also earn Mystery Boxes in Drawn to Death by simply killing their enemies. Every 150 kill grants players one mystery box while simply playing three matches online also rewards players with one box.