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Dishonored 2 Free Trial Available Now On Steam, Offers First Three Missions

As mentioned a few days ago, Dishonored 2 free trial is now live on Steam for PC gamers to try out the game before making the purchase.

The Dishonored 2 free trial includes the first 3 missions of the game which players can choose to play as either Emily or Corvo. If they decide to purchase the game after the trial ends, player’s progress carries over into the full game.

Despite being a very well received game, Dishonored 2 was met with criticism for its technical shortcomings, mainly for the PC version.

The game wasn’t the best optimized game on the platform in recent times and that ended up impact the sales.

Perhaps the overall low sales numbers across all platforms is why Arkane Studios, the developers of Dishonored 2, and Bethesda decided to go this route and offer a free trial of the game.

With the Dishonored 2 free trial, players can not only see how the game feels and whether it is their cup of tea or not but also judge its performance.

Since launch, Arkane Studios has been busy optimizing the game, releasing bug fixes and free updates. These updates include custom difficulty as well as a new game plus mode.

Players can customize their abilities even further and play with a mix of powers from both Corvo and Emily.

The Dishonored 2 free trial isn’t only limited to the PC version as both Xbox One and PS4 users will also be able to enjoy it once it goes live on their respective platforms this week.

To kick off the trial, there is also currently a 50% sale on Dishonored 2 right now in case someone likes what they experienced in the trial version. The sale ends on 11th April so fans of the franchise might want to hurry up and try out this amazing game.