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DICE Reveals Changes for Battlefield 1 Devil’s Anvil Operation

Dice is tweaking Battlefield 1 Devil’s Anvil to make it less frustrating for the players, and shift the balance in favor of both sides.

If you have played it you know what this fuss is all about. Battlefield 1 Devil’s Anvil is a mission from its first expansion You Shall Not Pass that came out recently, and this mission is so hard to complete that it even makes the most seasoned of veterans fall.

It is almost impossible to push through in this mission as attackers, the first sector Verdun Height has little to no cover to protect players from enemy fire. Whereas the defenders have a very distinct advantage and can easily wipe out the attackers in this first sector of the stage.

This shifts the balance in defenders favor, and the attackers are left as canon fodder there just to be shot at. That, of course, was not the intention of the developers but was only a mistake in design.

Luckily DICE is quick to respond and is currently working to fix the issue. They are making changes to give an advantage to attackers at first pushing back the defenders to heavier defenses, thus shifting the balance in their favor.

This is how it should have been from the start giving the attackers an edge to break through the enemies defenses at the first sector.

The advantages that are planned for the attacking side include ticket increase from 250 to 350 in 64 player matches, elite class spawn has been reset to zero in order to increase the chances of success for attackers.

The Howitzer gun for the attackers will spawn in just five minutes after the battle begins, some more cover was added to areas, spawn location for defenders was changed in order to provide attackers a chance to escape them.

Hopefully, this will balance the game evenly and will provide a good experience to both sides.