It Looks Like Sony is Least Bit Bothered by Project Scorpio Reveal, CEO Kaz Hirai Jazzing It Up in Japan

Microsoft is gearing up to reveal its Project Scorpio later tonight. We are stepping into a whole new console generation as Microsoft prepares to dissect its rival Sony with native 4K.

However, the Japanese giant doesn’t seem a least bit bothered by Microsoft’s plans. CEO Kaz Hirai was spotted jazzing it up with a Sax in Japan, not missing a single note.

Calm as F***! But he will be paying close attention to Project Scorpio’s reveal tonight.

Sony’s CEO Kaz Hirai is a man of talents; he is not only at the helm of all things PlayStation but under his leadership Sony survived the rough PlayStation 3 era. The company is way ahead of its competition and made Microsoft settle for number two for Xbox One.

The footage you see above comes from Sony’s Ginza building in Japan where CEO Kaz Hirai is performing with Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. The building is temporarily closed for operation after keeping doors open since 1966. Sony has put in motion a renewal project for the building that is divided into two phases.

The first phase that will run from 2018 to 2020 will see the construction of “Sony Ginza Park” as well as the demolition of certain sections of the building.

Only 5 stories and basement will remain intact and are going to be used for Sony Show Rooms, food, and merchandise space. During the closing ceremony CEO Kaz Hirai performed in front of his staff.