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Bethesda Confirms Bethesdaland E3 2017 Conference With A New Tweet

With June approaching fast, big developers and publishers have started teasing their E3 2017 presence. Joining them once again is Bethesda with something called Bethesdaland.

The official Bethesda Softworks twitter account shared an image earlier today mentioning their E3 2017 showcase as well as the worlds “Welcome to Bethesdaland”

This will be the third year in a row with Bethesda holding its own press conference at E3 instead of partnering up with Sony or Microsoft to showcase their games.

The Bethesdaland conference will take place on 11th June 2017 in Los Angeles, same day as Microsoft’s E3 conference, starting at 6.30pm.

There is no word on how Bethesda fans can acquire tickets to the event yet but more details on that will be revealed soon. Considering this year the E3 will be open to public as well, ticket sales should be off the charts.

The Bethesdaland teaser also comes with the caption to “save the Date” which is a bit different from prior teasers which had hints of some games which Bethesda would be revealing at their conference.

With Prey releasing before E3, it is a huge mystery as to what Bethesda would be unveiling at their conference. The only big titles confirmed to be in development right now are Quake Champions and Battlecry.

Since there has been no word from Battlecry for quite some time now, maybe the E3 this year will finally confirm whether the game is still happening or has been cancelled. Quake fans might also get treated to a confirm release date for Quake Champions.

Apart from these two games, so far Bethesda has only been hinting that it has a number of titles in development.

Since the company mentioned earlier that a new Elder Scrolls games won’t be available before the company has cleared its current slate, which included titles like Fallout 4 and Dishonored 2, it is possible that we might actually have a confirmation of the next Elder Scrolls game at Bethesdaland conference.