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Xayah Can Fly and Shoot Feathery Daggers in League of Legends

Following a couple of teasers, Riot Games has officially revealed the two new League of Legends champions who are chimeric creatures known as the Vastaya.

Rakan, the Charmer, and Xayah, the Rebel, share a special bond with each other, resulting in unique interactions through voice lines and abilities. The League of Legends duo is more than simply two champions stepping foot on the Rift. They are a pair, meaning that certain bonus effects come into play when both are in the lane together.

Rakan fills the support role while Xayah takes the mantle of being a marksman. Their spells and special effects are simply breathtaking, filling the lane with vibrant colors that swirl the wind with glee.

Note that they will not hit the store as a single purchase. Rather, they will be unique champions who can be bought and played separately.

They say I don’t know when to quit. Like that’s a weakness.

Despite belonging to the category of marksman, Xayah plays a bit differently in comparison to other champions. Her abilities place feathers on the ground that can be called back to shred enemies in their path. It is fairly similar to how Taliyah works. On the other hand, much like Kalista, she must dance at range during every skirmish and zone her targets to come out alive.

Xayah appears to carry a slight learning curve that requires the player to have significant command over kiting, map awareness, and marksman-related game mechanics. Those who already main the role may find it a bit frustrating to play her in the start, much like how it took time for everyone to realize the true potential of Kalista during her early days.

Passive: Clean Cuts

After casting an ability, Xayah’s next few basic attacks will pierce through all enemies in their path (dealing reduced damage to all targets after the first). They’ll also leave a feather where they land. Feathers remain on the field for a moderate length of time.

Q: Double Daggers

Xayah throws two blades in a line, damaging all enemies hit. The knives leave a feather where they land.

W: Deadly Plumage

Xayah conjures a storm of feather blades that increase the strength and speed of her next few basic attacks. If Xayah attacks an enemy champion while empowered by Deadly Plumage, she’ll gain a short burst of movement speed.
If Rakan is nearby when Xayah activates Deadly Plumage, he’ll also gain the ability’s effects.

E: Bladecaller

Xayah recalls all feathers, which deal damage to any enemies they strike on the way back to Xayah. If a target is struck by several feathers at once, they’ll be briefly rooted.

R: Featherstorm

Xayah leaps into the air, becoming briefly untargetable. After a short delay, she hurls a storm of blades in a cone, each of which deals damage to struck enemies and leaves a feather upon landing. Xayah may continue to move while airborne.

Special Recall: Lover’s Leap

If either Xayah or Rakan is recalling, their lover can sync up with them, choreographing a perfect return to base.