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Valve Is Using Steam Explorer To Sort Out Its Catalog for the Users

Valve is sorting out its catalog to separate quality titles and undiscovered indie hits, The platform is already replacing its community focused green light with new Steam Direct service.

This will help Valve clean up their catalog, the way it will work is that Steam explorers will play their way through queues of undiscovered games and flag their favorite games giving them a boost in ranking.

The explorer program will be free for anyone to sign up, it will come with its own forum for setting up multiplayer matches and sharing favorite titles.

This program will help undiscovered titles to re-surface and will be helpful in tracking current gaming trends, but many critics speculate that his method will also face issues like business and vote hacking that plagued Greenlight.

So this method might just be like any other and may not prove as effective as Valve expects it to be, but no system on the internet is guaranteed to work, so Valve should give it a try.

They should, however, tweak some of its features and should focus on making it as accurate as possible. Free entry means that anyone can sign up, it helps the forum to expand but will also make it susceptible to false votes and flags.

So maybe allowing everyone to sign up is not as great as Valve might think, maybe they should limit the sign up to minimize its misuse.

For the time being Valve has also stated, that they will provide more data to users about the games they are playing, although their offer is not too much but it is more than the transparency they have offered in the past.

So let us see if Valve can successfully clean their catalog and if their new explorer method succeeds in surfacing undiscovered titles as they hope.