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SwitchCharge Gives Your Nintendo Switch 10 Plus Hours Of Battery

Nintendo Switch is a great handheld device but one of the major problems of the Switch is that the battery runs out pretty quick. SwitchCharge might be the answer to your problems though.

The SwitchCharge is a case that locks in to the back of your device and reports claim that you can play Zelda for more than 10 hours and Shovel Knight for more than 14 hours.

This means that if you are on the go then you need not worry about your device dying.

The SwitchCharge can recharge your device in 3 hours. You can have it plugged in while gaming and the design in such that you can play easily with the case on. Of course you will feel the added weight, nothing is perfect.

The SwitchCharge has a 12,000mAh battery which is almost three times the battery on the Nintendo Switch so in theory you should get three times the play time if not more.

If your device is fully charged then you can play for about 10 hours at a stretch which is something I do not think most people do.


Most people tend to take breaks after every hour or two of gaming. As of right now this is being crowd funded, backers that pay $75 will be able to get their devices by August.

A carrying case is also in the works that will house the device and additional games and accessories as well. The SwitchCharge also has room for 2 games so you can in theory leave the house with just the device and charger.

You also do not need to use the stock kick stand as there is one on the case and is adjustable. It feels better than what you get with the device.

Let us know what you think about the SwitchCharge and whether or not you would be interested in this product.