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Rainbow Six Siege Hit-Box Improvements Confirmed for Every Operator

More than a year after release, Ubisoft is finally ready to introduce Rainbow Six Siege hit-box improvements for every operator in the game.

There is a reason that certain operators are rarely picked in competitive games. Irregular hit-boxes mean that a stray bullet fired from a foe can still end up finding its target. Blitz, for example, has a large hit-box for his head. Despite wielding a massive shield, his poorly designed Rainbow Six Siege hit-box is still outside of cover. As far as the opposing team is concerned, Blitz is a fairly large target and hard to miss.

Posting on Reddit earlier today, Ubisoft confirmed that it is restructuring the hit-boxes for all operators presently in the game.

“The goal is to make it so that everything that is not part of what we would expect to be the human body of the operators (extended pieces of clothing, pouches, earmuffs, bags, accessories, you name it) will not be part of the hitboxes,” explained community manager Craig “ItsEpi” Robinson.

The Technical Test Server (TTS) is also being prepared to introduce “new menu and online flows” through 1-Step Matchmaking, which will “test the process of changing loadouts while matchmaking a game.”

Due to the recent stream of customization items, as well as the incoming Alpha Packs in the future, Ubisoft has realized that Rainbow Six Siege needs an item rarity table. In that light, a future update will classify all items under the following categories: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Note that any content or batch of changes arriving on the TTS is subject to change. The item rarity classes are placeholders for now and may be changed by the time the update hits live servers for everyone.

Ubisoft has been pretty busy as of late to improve Rainbow Six Siege. Last week, it released a new update that brought better server stability and performance improvements for the PC community.