Project Scorpio Pre-Order Page Listed on Amazon US

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio reveal is set for Thursday which means we are only a couple of days away from hard and solid details. With the reveal, it looks like Microsoft may make the device available for pre-order.

Project Scorpio pre-order page is now listed on Amazon. You will not be able to pre-order the machine right now as the device is “currently unavailable.”

But the listing is a strong indication that Project Scorpio Pre-order may go live on Thursday after the reveal. This also means that we will not only hear about the specs from Digital Foundry but Microsoft will also discuss the price.

It is a good move to discuss such details ahead of E3 and reserve that time for games. Microsoft’s weak point has been the lack of games this generation and we have heard from the company that E3 will be all about games.

On a related subject, rumor has it that Xbox One X is the name of Microsoft’s Project Scorpio. This is yet to be confirmed but a number of sources have mentioned the same name.

It won’t be long before the clouds of rumors clear up and we hear from official sources. One can only hope that all claims Microsoft made regarding the 4K capable machine are true. Moreover, we hope that it comes at a reasonable price point for the average consumer.

The steady flow of games is the most important here, otherwise, there won’t be much difference between the market performance of Xbox One and Project Scorpio.

What are your expectations from Microsoft’s reveal? Which price point do you consider reasonable? Take to the comments below and let us know.

Source: Twitter