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Player Glides Across Hyrule In Zelda Breath Of The Wild in 10 Minutes

A player has figured out a way to glide across the entire land of Hyrule in Zelda Breath Of The Wild by using in game mechanics, but do not be so surprised as this may sound great but doing it requires a lot of patience.

YouTuber mety333 demonstrates this by building a flying contraption and ascended high enough to hit the game’s ceiling, invisible ceiling to be exact. This would take you about 2 minutes more or less, here is where the patience kicks in.

After reaching the ceiling player must glide slowly descending across Hyrule, but here is an even better part.

Remember about the patience I mentioned earlier, well that is about to be tested. Because where reaching the ceiling takes you about 2 minutes, gliding across Hyrule is going to take you well around six to eight minutes.

That is not all, during the descend poor Link is going to lose health because of the cold and stamina because gliding has to take some level of work.

So make sure you have stamina elixirs and a shirt to save Link from the harsh cold. Because if you run out of stamina well then Link will be going down then up. *to the video game heaven*

So pack up good for your journey, and set out for an epic journey made, even more epic by the flight of your life.

This method is good even if it is really boring, it will save you a lot of time in traveling to areas that would take well within 20-30 minutes and you would encounter many foes along the way.

Many of us will prefer the old way of traveling in Zelda Breath Of The Wild. Since it gives us a chance to explore this amazing world but this method could come in handy, when players are not in the mood of taking a walking and would prefer no encounters on the way.