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Persona 5 Endings Guide – How to Get the Best Ending

Persona 5 Endings Guide to help you get the best ending in the game along with tips to avoid the bad endings in the game.

There are multiple endings that you can get in Persona 5, however, only one of them is the true ending. In order to achieve this ending, you’ll be required to make certain decisions during your playthrough of the game.

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Persona 5 Endings Guide

When it comes to Persona 5 Endings, there are four different endings; a true, best ending and three bad endings. Before we begin, do note that the guide contains massive spoiler so don’t proceed ahead if you want your spoiler-free run.

In our Persona 5 Endings Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about getting the true ending in Persona 5.

Persona 5 Endings

In order to get the true ending, you must progress through the game as normal until November. On November 20th, you’ll find yourself in the interrogation room with Sae asking you about your party members.

During the interrogation, you must avoid choosing the bottom option as it will lead you to the bad ending. In order to get the best Persona 5 ending, select either A or B. Once done, play the game until December 24th during which you’ll have a conversation with Igor.

In order to get the best ending, you must refuse the deal and fight him. Overall, the fight is not terribly difficult and you should be able to complete the game with the best ending.

Lastly, there are some things that you must avoid if you wish to get the best ending. Doing these things will set you on your path to a bad ending. A few of things include not clearing a Palace before the due date, responding incorrectly during a conversation, making the wrong choice in the final dungeon.

This is all we’ve on our Persona 5 Endings Guide. If there’s anything else you’d like to add, let us know in the comments below!