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Overwatch Teases King’s Row Uprising Event on Iconic Overwatch Map

Blizzard has been teasing a new event in Overwatch known as the King’s Row Uprising, and it may be coming to the game soon.

King’s Row is the site of the “Alive” short for the game, where Tracer and Widowmaker met while Widowmaker was on a mission to assassinate an Omnic activist.

In lore terms, following the assassination King’s Row become much more tense, and it would appear that those tensions have bubbled over into an outright Omnic rebellion.

Blizzard and Jeff Kaplan have said that the location’s lore will also be expanding, along with Widowmaker getting new cosmetic options.

According to Kaplan, the reason behind the King’s Row Uprising happening is because players not only want more lore behind the game’s setting, but also an event not set from real-world events.

While civil rights riots are nothing new when it comes to our world, they’re not being done with sapient robots like in the Overwatch world.

In the lore of Overwatch, Omnics, robots like Bastion, Zenyatta, and now Orisa, are often discriminated against due to the Omnic Crisis, a gigantic war against robots that happened several decades before. It was in that crisis that Overwatch was formed, and the fallout from the event has guided a number of world events.

Previous Overwatch events have been mainly holiday-focused, and the King’s Row Uprising will be the first event that will be coming to the game. It will also be another story-focused game much like the events that led up to the reveal of Orisa, which was told through numerous Blizzard blog posts and various map changes to Numbani.

This included the Payload being broken open, a building being damaged, and more.

Players can look forward to the King’s Row Uprising event coming on April 11, next week. As for what it starts, we’ll just have to see.