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Overwatch Almost Featured a Jet Pack-Wearing Cat Hero

It is undeniable that a major selling point of Overwatch is its roster of unique, colorful, attractive, and likable characters. The world is equally as impressive but it is how Blizzard has approached the subject of character design that makes Overwatch such a successful game.

In that light, the community would be most interested in knowing that at one point Overwatch had a hero in development that was basically a fluffy cat wearing a jet pack.

Speaking with GameSpot in a recent interview, game director Jeff Kaplan noted that the team needed to know how far it could push the boundaries of character design. Internally, every single one loved the idea of a cat pawing at the controls to trigger different abilities. However, the hero was ultimately shelved. Kaplan chose not to share exactly why Overwatch missed out on adding a cat to its diverse roster of heroes. “Yeah that’s probably too far,” he added as the point when Blizzard decided against adding the hero.

“There was this one hero that was a huge internal debate on the team because we just loved it so much but it didn’t make it,” he revealed. “It was this jetpack and it had this cat that laid in it, like a cat does. Then every once in awhile it would paw at the controls. It was a cat in a jetpack.”

Before the community begins requesting the developer to bring back the cat hero, know that Blizzard has already stated that chances of that happening is very unlikely.

While on the subject of conceptual work, it was also brought to light that Overwatch was once on the verge of getting a hockey player who would smack others with his stick and, probably, use pucks for projectiles. The idea was scrapped as well, but later Blizzard churned it to make a hockey player skin for Lucio.

Last month, Overwatch was recognized at South By South West (SXSW) for its success and competitive potential. The game took home the gaming awards for Excellence in Multiplayer, Most Promising New Intellectual Property, Trending Game of the Year, and Esports Game of the Year.