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Next Overwatch Hero “Far Along in Development”

We may not have to wait that long for Blizzard to begin dropping teasers and details regarding the next incoming Overwatch hero.

In a recent interview, game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that the development team is already finished with the next Overwatch hero. This means that the theme, lore, abilities, and other gameplay aspects are already nailed down. At this point, Blizzard is finishing up the art for the hero and conducting play-testing to identify bugs and/or balance issues.

“I absolutely know who the next hero is going to be,” Kaplan told IBTimes UK. “The next hero is very far along in development, so we’re at the point where we’re doing art for that hero, we’re doing a lot of aggressive play testing.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Kaplan dodged the question about the next hero excelling in defensive capabilities by responding: “No, it’s not safe to assume that.”

However, he refrained from giving away any hints to who the new hero will be. It goes without saying that the community would be keeping their fingers crossed in the hopes of hearing an announcement for Doomfist, the ultimate antagonist in the Overwatch universe, who for now is being kept in the shadows.

His part of the story is yet to be unfolded, with the disappearance of the Doomfist gauntlet and the attack on the Numbani International Airport in February. In fact, Orisa was created for the sole purpose of defeating Doomfist when he shows up.

Overwatch usually waits three to four months before releasing a new hero. Last year, Ana was revealed in July and was followd by Sombra in November. Orisa, the latest hero to arrive, was released only last month. Following the same pattern, Blizzard should bring out the 25th Overwatch hero in either June or July. As always, teasers and leaked images are certain to arrive sooner than that.