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Cars 3: Driven To Win Announced By Avalanche Software And Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

We all have learned to love the Cars franchise but now there is a new game coming out that is based on the upcoming Cars 3. The game is called Cars 3: Driven To Win and it is a competitive racing game featuring all the characters from the franchise.

The game is being developed by Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. is going to be publishing the game. According to John Blackburn, Vice President and General Manager, Avalanche Software:

“It’s been an amazing experience to work with the team at Pixar once again for this new game for the beloved Cars franchise. With Cars 3: Driven to Win, we wanted to create a game that allows fans to extend their experience with this great film, and also feel the thrill of speeding through the tracks, participating in races, and mastering tricks and techniques for fun with the whole family.”

You can take a look at the game in the video below:

This is just the first look at the game and there is much that we do not know about it. It still does look very interesting and I would like to see what the game has to offer. Games related to Disney characters are what I for one have grown up to.

It will be interesting to see this modern day game and see whether it is as immersive and fun as the games of old. I am sure there are plenty of you that would be interested in checking out this game. The game will be coming out in June for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Wii U. No love for PC it seems.

Let us know what you think about Cars 3: Driven To Win and whether or not you are interested in checking out this game when it comes out.