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Xbox Vs PlayStation, Which One Is Cooler? Google Poll Results have the Answer

Google ran a series of polls to find out who come out on top in  Xbox Vs PlayStation and found that teen from 13 to 17 think that Xbox brand is much cooler than PlayStation.

Adults choose Playstation as their favorite but it lost the teen polls battle. The polls focused on dozens of brands including several video games.

Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo all were selected as cool brands, but the question was which one is better. Teenagers answered that Xbox is cooler than PlayStation, and PlayStation is cooler than Nintendo, seems like Nintendo fell quite behind in the race.

Polls are conducted every year by companies and fans alike titled Xbox Vs PlayStation, to decide which brand and console come out on top, PlayStation usually takes the cake.

However, when Google divided the votes based on age, it showed that Xbox is selected as the most favorite brand by teenagers from 13 to 17.

Millennials however, choose the exact opposite, because of the exclusives and better resolution.

So we know that teenagers choose Xbox, millennials choose PlayStation, and Nintendo came in third. Then who is the least favorite of these brands, who received the lowest rating?

Well EA Sports came at the bottom, EA might disagree with this but that is what the public choose. *EA is not a cool kid anymore*

This poll was conducted on 24 October 2016, but it was released recently, so we expect Google to conduct a poll this year as well to highlight Xbox Vs PlayStation. with Nintendo Switch and

With new consoles that come out this year like Nintendo Switch and Xbox Scorpio, do these positions shift, will someone else come out on top or will Xbox defend its position, Let us wait and see.