Team Liquid and Razer Seem Like Eternal Partners, Partnership Extended

Team Liquid and Razer have extended their sponsorship with each other. Razer has been one of Team Liquid’s longest standing sponsors, their partnership has lasted almost seven years and will continue to do so.

Team Liquid and Razer have both thrived in their partnership as they watched the esports world grow, Team Liquid is a pioneer of esports and has been around since 2001.

No one at that time could have predicted that esports would become such a huge platform, back in 2001 players used to play competitive events just for the fun of it, there were no additional bonuses, and no rewards. Everyone just wanted to see who is better than others.

Team Liquid has managed to pull through and has stayed in all major esports events including League of Legends, Overwatch, and more.

Victor Goossens, co-CEO of Team Liquid said that he is very proud of their partnership with Razer.

I’m very proud that Razer is our longest standing partner. It feels like an eternity since we signed our first sponsorship with Razer. In an industry that moves at a million miles an hour, we’ve been on the journey together and it’s incredible that our two brands have come so far,

Milanov stated that this might be the start of a new line of Team Liquid infuses Razer products. Razer and Team Liquid previously found success in their holiday bundle.

Just the fact that they trust us enough to make a Razer DeathAdder with Team Liquid theme says enough about what we’re going to be doing with them in the future,

Min-Liang Tan co-founder of Razer said, that Team Liquid understands the advantage that Razer has, and they have enjoyed working with them on dozens of products over the years. Razer looks to continue this partnership to make sure their products are best in the world at the highest level of competition.