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Quake Champions Closed Beta Will Eventually Come To Australia

The upcoming Quake Champions closed beta will be available in Australia “eventually” id Software’s Tim Willits has confirmed.

Speaking with IGN, id Software boss Tim Willits said that the studio will be starting Quake Champions closed beta soon and the Australian servers will be up in a few weeks later after the beta starts.

I love my Australian fans, but y’all live on the other side of the world! So we’re going to move into closed beta very soon, and we are working with a major server cloud company and so we are not spinning up Australian servers until a few weeks after we go into our closed beta, so don’t anyone get all upset down in Australia. We haven’t forgot about you.

He added that modern technology has made it much easier to get servers online in Australia, even “way more easier than South America”.

So no one panic in Australia, we got you guys covered. But we will get you into the closed beta after we get our servers spun up in North America and Europe–but you guys are not far behind.

Unlike most of the AAA titles in the industry, Quake Champions will be a PC exclusive title and Bethesda has clarified that they have no plans to release the game on platforms other than PC.

You know, Quake Champions, maybe anybody else would’ve been like, ‘No, you have to do it, and it’s got to work on every platform. We were like, ‘No, it’s a PC-only thing. It’s this kind of game. It’s got to have this kind of performance, and it’s going to be on PC full stop.’ We feel very comfortable in making those calls

Quake Champions is a first-person multiplayer shooter in development at id Software and the closed beta for the game will start on April 6.