Persona 5 Japanese Audio track DLC is Free, But It Is Almost 3 GB In Size

Persona 5 will launch in the US with English audio support but for you fans that like to experience things in their original form, Atlus included the Japanese audio DLC for free.

Although this was not intended from the start but they eventually decided to include it, according to the details this DLC is going to be of a particularly big size for being an audio data source.

It is estimated to be almost 3GB in size, but considering the size of the game and all the dialogues involved it is not too surprising.

The DLC is currently only available for download on European PlayStation Store, But the North American PlayStation Store version is expected to be released soon.

Persona 5 is the last installment in Atlus fantastic persona series, it offers a new cast of wild characters, that are immersed in the unique plot.

In this game, you are a high school student that ends up becoming a member of a group called the phantom thieves of hearts, who aim to steal treasure from the palaces of corrupt adults, robin hood style.

Atlus is good at pulling this kind of stories, There will me many DLC coming for this game in the next month. Most of it will be paid content like the costumes from Persona 4, new costumes for Persona 5, background music, and BGm special sets.

You can catch our full review of Persona 5, in which we gave its story a perfect 10 for its perfect simulation of teenage, well near perfect simulation to be exact.

Its graphics, gameplay, and value got a good 9 out of 10, which is very great gaining it an average score of 9.2. This is one of the best games out there and it should have been so as well since it is the final game of the Persona franchise.